When tying hair

When tying hair

Hair transplantation is a very common procedure for any woman. Many people tie their hair in various ways for various reasons. But there are some things to keep in mind before tying this hair. Such as hair density, length and hair type. Basically, these three things should be given priority before tying the hair. Those whose hair is quite thick and long, usually have heavy hair. So, when they tie their hair, there will be a lot more tension in the hair. This can damage the health of the hair as well as cause some other problems including headaches. Then you have to understand your hair type or texture. If the hair is straight or normal type, it can be tied or styled in any way. And if you have curly or short hair, then tying or styling the hair is not so easy.

Many people want to keep their hair stuck by brushing their skin vigorously. The biggest problem in this case is that if you tie your hair like this for a long time, the size of your forehead may increase. And if you keep your hair tied for a long time, you will sweat on the palm of your head. And as a result of sweat, dirt will accumulate and hair will be damaged. So it is important to prepare the scalp and hair before tying.

In general, it can be seen that many people make a mistake all the time. That is to keep clean hair open and tie dirty, oily hair. But the matter should be reversed. If you keep your hair clean, it will quickly become dirty due to dust and sweat.

Dirty or oily hair means disrupting the normal function of the scalp. For example, if sweat accumulates in the hair, it will prevent excess dirt. As well as the hair roots can become loose. For this reason, it is necessary to tie the hair properly and the hair must be kept clean before tying the hair. That is, the hair should be tied or styled after using a good shampoo, conditioner.

Many people think that if you tie your hair for a short time, what is the harm? This idea is also wrong. Remember, as long as the hair is tied, the nutrients do not reach the ends of the hair. Before tying the hair, the hair tangle must be removed well. Tangled hair can cause a lot of hair loss and hair loss.

Notable during hair tying
Be careful in choosing hairstyles. It is better not to choose a style that has to be pulled or turned upside down. Need to choose a slightly lighter hairstyle.

If the hair is long and very thick, you can do a ponytail-like hairstyle. However, it can not be tied too much. Bobbipin should be used sparingly.

For short or medium length hair or for thin hair, bangs, mesiban, ponytail, frenchbread can all work. Just make sure you don’t overdo the backbrush. You can use a little spray or mousse to hold the hair in a certain place.

Those who like slick ponytails. They also tie the hair back loosely. Serum can be used to cover baby hair in front of the head.

There are some hairstyles, which require tying the hair quite tightly. In that case you can apply a little coconut oil on the hair roots. However, it is better not to do this type of hairstyle frequently.

During adolescence, girls have to go through a big physical change. At this time the mental change also began to occur. And teenage age is fun. There is no end to the curiosity about what clothes will suit her, what kind of hairstyle will look good. Due to this, you have to pay attention to the issues of skin, hair and makeup from this time. In addition to knowing your own likes and dislikes, you also need to know about caring in the right way. At this age, various skin problems occur. For example, acne, oily skin. During adolescence, the skin glands secrete more oil for hormonal changes. Oil-dirt enters the pores of the skin and increases the nuisance of blackheads. At this time any damage to the skin can be permanent for life! The beauty of teenagers is quite different from that of adults. The skin type of teenagers is completely different from that of adults. Their skin is very soft and sensitive. If you follow a few rules, you can easily avoid various skin problems throughout the year.

Know the skin type
The first step in skin care is to have an idea about your skin. With the help of tissue, the skin type i.e. the skin can be examined whether it is oily, dry or mixed. Usually those who have oily skin have oily skin on the T-zone of the face i.e. forehead, nose and chin. Examine the skin type using Thai tissue.

Stay clean
It is very important to clean the skin before waking up and going to bed at night. Because, accumulated oil, sweat, dirt damages the skin. Always use good quality cleanser. Refrain from rubbing the face loudly.

Pick up makeup before going to bed
Everyone likes to present themselves beautifully in front of the mirror. And teenagers tend to be overly cosmetic. Girls of this age often wear heavy makeup in different programs. At the end of the program, he returned home tired and went straight to bed. But it cannot be done at all. Before going to sleep, you must clean your whole face well.

Massage for five minutes
It is important to moisturize the skin well when going to sleep at night. However, not with any moisturizer, but with a good night cream, massage the skin of the face for five minutes. This will maintain the moisture of the skin.

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