Japan tops the points list

Japan tops the points list

The countries are slowly getting drunk on gold in the Olympics. Today, seven new countries have received gold. The number of countries that have won so far this year is 30. The number of countries in the medal list has also increased. Till yesterday, 51 countries have won medals. Today, five more teams got a taste of the medal. 30 teams have won at least one gold. 16 countries have won at least one silver. And only 10 countries have won bronze.

China was a little behind in the medal list yesterday. The country that did not win any gold yesterday has won 3 golds today. Japan is at the top by adding two golds with yesterday. The United States also added two golds yesterday. If the country had not lost two gold medals in softball and gymnastics, the country might have risen to the top today. Today, Russia has won three gold medals like China. Meanwhile, Britain has won a gold. South Korea did not win any gold.

Gold Silver Bronze Total
Japan 10 3 5 17
United States 9 ৮ 25
China 95 ৭ 21
Russia 6 ৭ 4 17
Britain 4 5 4 13
South Korea 325 10
Australia 3 159
Canada 2 3 3 6
France 223 7
Germany 203 5
Kosovo 202
Italy 15 ৬ 12
Chinese Taipei 1 2 3 7
Brazil 1225
Switzerland 1225
Slovenia 1 1 1 3
Serbia 1 1 1 3
Hungary 1 10 2
Tunisia 1 10 2
Austria 10 1 2
Croatia 10 1 2
Estonia 10 1 2
Bermuda 10 0 1
Ecuador 10 0 1
Hong Kong, China
Iran 10 0 1
Norway 10 0 1
Philippines 10 0 1
Thailand 10 0 1
Uzbekistan 10 0 1
* Only gold-winning countries

Japan is at the top
Japan topped the list for the second day in a row. They have won two more gold today with 6 gold yesterday. This time Japan is showing its dominance in judo. Today, Japan got their fifth gold from this game. However, the soft ball gold found at the end of the day will give more joy to the hosts. The event is back after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Despite playing 12 years apart, Japan did not make a mistake in retaining the gold.

The biggest news of the day, however, came from the gymnastics floor. Russia created a surprise by losing to favorite Japan in the boys’ event yesterday. He still sees gymnastics. This time the victim of Russia is the United States. Last time the country showed a single dominance in gymnastics because of Simon Byles. Byles, who won four golds at the last Olympics, reached the final after topping the all-around despite several mistakes in practice. But got injured in the first round of the final. He was not seen in the other three events. The United States is well aware of his lack. They have lost by more than three intervals. Gymnastics team doubles went to Russia.

Meanwhile, the fencing team event brought gold to Estonia after 12 years. The country last won gold at the Beijing Olympics. Paulina Gurievar is a great achievement when it comes to history. This woman brought the first Olympic medal to Turkmenistan. Gurieva won silver in the 59kg weight class.

Of course, Flora Duffy’s achievement is even bigger. This triathlet brought Bermuda first gold to the Olympics today. Today, two more people have written their names in the history of the Olympics. Italo Ferreira of Brazil won gold on the boys’ shortboard for the first time in surfing. Carissa Moore of the United States won gold in the girls’ event.

Germany dominates the team in Olympic dressage. They have won gold in the event eight times before. The Tokyo Olympics were no exception. Germany dominated the silver and bronze-winning United States (646) and Britain (623) with a gap of only 24 points, with 618 points.

Melissa Mandic brought the first gold to Serbia at the Tokyo Olympics. In the girls’ 6kg weight class in taekwondo, Mandich defeated Korea’s Dabin Lee by 10-6 points. Mandich also won gold at the London Olympics.

Vladislav Larin of the Russian Olympic Committee won gold in the boys’ 60kg weight class in taekwondo. Larin, the gold medalist of the World Championship, easily defeated Macedonia’s Dean Zorgivski.

The soft ball was last seen in Beijing. Japan also won gold in the service. This time it seemed that the United States would compete in the final. They have not lost any match in the round robin league. But they did not get to the final. Japan won gold effortlessly.

Canada won gold in the women’s 74kg weight class. Wine Sharon lifted 238 kg in this event. The two are four kilograms more than Georgia Bordinon of Italy. It is Canada’s second gold in Tokyo.

In gymnastics, after boys, Russia also won the women’s team gold. Russia also came first in the final in practice. The injury of Simon Byles of the United States in the first round of the final increased the chances of Russia. Sunisa Lee tried to make up for his lack. But Russia’s Vladislava Urajova, Victoria Listanova and Angelina Melnikova did not give the United States a chance. Russia won the gold with 179.526 points. The United States is second with 16.096. Britain surprised by getting bronze at 164.096 points.

The last time Estonia won gold was in 2008 in Beijing. Estonia’s Yulia Beliayeva, Katrina Lehis and Erica Kirpu defeated South Korea by 36-32 points in the team final of the girls’ fencing event today. Italy won the bronze by defeating China in this event.

Byles returned with care. But he dropped out of the final of the team event. Byles himself has decided to move.

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