Bangladesh will be next to Roman from ‘Mirabai’?

Bangladesh will be next to Roman from ‘Mirabai’?

Bangladesh has suffered the pain of losing a handful of wickets in 22 yards of cricket many times. How many times football has dropped out of the tournament after scoring a goal at the last moment! Has been the tomb of dreams. This time on the Olympic stage, archer Roman Sana told such a sad story.

There was hope for Roman মান he would do well. But no one was too optimistic. No one thought that this archer from Bangladesh would bring the elusive medal of the Olympics for the first time. But with a little hope around him, Roman kept himself alive. The way Roman has been performing consistently on the international stage for several years has given rise to the dream of ‘something good’ around the Olympics.

The beginning of Roman’s dream journey was quite good. Great Britain lost to Tom Hall in the first round of the knockout stage. But the way Canada lost to Crispin Duanas in the last shot for just 1 point will surely burn Roman for a long time.

Now let’s come to the context of Bangladesh’s failure in the Olympics. Neighboring India has also won an Olympic medal this time. In 2016, they won more than one medal in Rio Olympics. Everyone regrets seeing India on the Olympic podium. The grief of the athletes of Bangladesh is definitely more. They also want to dream. Want to fly the country’s flag on the world stage of the Olympics.

Weightlifter Mirabai Chanu has brought a silver medal to India for this year’s Tokyo Olympics. But Mirabai returned to the 2016 Rio Olympics empty handed. Clean and Jerk could not lift the load once in three times. Mirabai, however, continued the practice for the next five years and finally returned to India successfully. The question is, will Roman get another chance at the 2024 Paris Olympics after regretting one shot? Will he be guaranteed to continue training for the next Olympics? Will this archer get the necessary help?

Bangladesh took part in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games for the first time. After that, the athletes of Bangladesh were in nine Olympic Games. But has any athlete been able to qualify for the first time before? The writing on their foreheads was to be left out of the hit. Sports fans in the country have also lost interest in the world’s biggest sporting event after reading the news of the Olympic collapse on the pages of newspapers. Due to this, Bangladesh has become one of the most populous countries in the world but it has never won a medal in the Olympics. Deda laughed about this in the newspapers of the country and abroad. Truly a country of 160 million people, this country cannot produce a single athlete to fight the Olympics with their heads held high! This is the first time that Roman has gone to the Olympics with a specific goal, completely on his own merits. He is the first Bangladeshi athlete to cross the hurdle of the Olympic qualifiers and play in the finals. Although he lost to Dia Siddiqui in the mixed archery event at first, he lost to the gold-winning South Korea. But the eye-catching performance has won everyone’s heart.

In that series, Roman was doing well in the recurve individual singles event. If Roman could have made it to the last sixteen, losing to Duenas would have been a bigger history for Bangladesh. Before that no one could reach so far!

State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan has gone to Tokyo with this year’s athlete team. Although he went at the invitation of the host Japan Olympic Committee. Besides, Bangladesh Olympic Association (BOA) Secretary General Syed Shahed Reza, BOA General Manager Fakhruddin Haider, Chef The Mission BOA Vice President Sheikh Bashir Ahmed, General Secretary of Archery Federation General Secretary and BOA Treasurer Kazi Rajib Mollah Badrul Saif, another officer Nivedita Das has gone as a swimming coach.

Every time the Olympic Games come, one or another sports organizer will accompany the team. Some in need, some unnecessarily. But these officials can understand after the Olympic Games, where is the misery of Bangladesh. Where is Bangladesh really behind to win the medal?

Where Bangladeshi athletes work hard to win gold in the South Asian Games (SA Games), the Olympics are a distant star. However, besides the SA Games, Bangladesh is regularly participating in big international events like the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. Officials from the BOA and various sports federations return from the games, but do not have any specific goals after their return. Athletes do not receive any long-term training. They just don’t have any sponsors. So the athletes are afraid to dream about the Olympics. And this is how it has been going on for ages. Whether Bangladesh will win any medal in the Olympics or not, it will be a question of crores of rupees forever!

Roman left this question as a wail at the Tokyo Olympics this time!

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