Allegation of cutting off the ear saying that he owed money

Allegation of cutting off the ear saying that he owed money

It has been alleged that a businessman was called to his house in Sarail of Brahmanbaria to return the money owed and cut off his ear and stabbed him in both legs. A case was filed against four people in this incident on Monday night.

The injured businessman’s name is Kabir Mia (33). He is a trader of Aruail Bazar in Sarail Upazila. He Khairul called his nephew Kabir Mia to his house to return Hospital.

According to police and local sources, Khairul Islam (35) borrowed Tk 60,000 a month ago from Kabir Miah, a businessman from Aruail Bazar in the upazila. Last Sunday night, Khairul Islam called Kabir Mia to his house and asked him to return the money. At that time, Khairul Islam had an argument with Kabir Mia over money.

At one stage, Khairul Islam, along with his elder brother Deen Islam (38), cut Kabir Mia’s left ear in half with four knives. At the same time, they stabbed Kabir Mia twice in the leg with a knife.
On hearing the news, Kabir Mia’s men rushed to Khairul’s house. At that time they beat Khairul and his supporters. They later rescued Kabir Mia and admitted him to the District Sadar Hospital. When his nephew Kabir Mia to his house to return the money Hospital on Monday night.

Kabir Mia’s uncle Taher Mia (55) has filed a case against Khairul Islam, Dwin Islam and four others at Sarail police station on Monday night.
Taher Mia told Prothom Alo, ‘My nephew is a big trader in Aruail market. Khairul Mia runs a small cloth business in that market. On that day, Khairul called his nephew Kabir Mia to his house to return the money and cut off the lower part of his left ear with a knife.

“We have a dispute with them over the place,” Khairul Islam told Prothom Alo on his mobile phone about allegations that businessman Kabir Mia had his ears cut off and his legs stabbed. Kabir came to my house with many people that night and attacked us. I can’t say what happened to anyone at that time. I did not stab him. ”

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Sarail Police Station Aslam Hossain confirmed the incident and told Prothom Alo that a case has been registered in this regard. along with his elder brother Deen Islam.

One person has died in a landslide in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar. Heavy rains and full moon have flooded several villages in different parts of the upazila. Many people have become waterlogged.

The deceased was identified as Rakim Ali, 65. He is a resident of Monir Ghona village in Huaikyong union of the upazila. The incident took place at around 12 noon on Tuesday when a hill in Monir Ghona village collapsed. This information was confirmed by Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Parvez Chowdhury in the first light.

UNO Parvez Chowdhury said houses, schools, madrasas, colleges and roads in various villages of Teknaf Municipality, Sadar, Hnila and Huaikeng Union Parishad (UP) have been submerged due to heavy rains from Monday night to 4:30 pm on Tuesday. . Water is flowing over the Teknaf-Cox’s Bazar regional road (Hnilar Rangikhali-Alikhali). Due to this about 60 thousand people have become waterlogged.

Huaikeng UP Chairman Nur Ahmad Anwari said it had been raining continuously in various parts of the country, including Teknaf, since Monday night. In this situation, people at the foot of the risky hill were miked in different places of the upazila for safe evacuation for fear of landslides. Among them, landslides have also occurred in different areas of the upazila. Rakim Ali and his family members were staying at the foot of the hill in Monir Ghona village. Rakim Ali was seriously injured when a part of the hill suddenly fell on his house and the walls of the mud house collapsed. He was later rescued and taken to Ukhial Balukhali Turkish Hospital where the on-duty doctor declared him dead.

Hnila UP Chairman Rashed Mohammad Ali said that more than two and a half thousand houses in different areas of Hnila Union including Alikhali, Rangikhali, Lamarpara, Wabrang, Chowdhurypara have been submerged and damaged due to continuous rains, full moon tides and hill slopes. The food items of these families have been washed away. Hundreds miked in different places of the upazila for away. Water is flowing over the embankment of Naf river. The Teknaf-Cox’s Bazar regional road is submerged in water.
When asked, UNO Parvez Chowdhury said that a man named Rakim Ali was killed when some houses collapsed in different places of the upazila. The upazila administration is providing financial assistance to the family of the deceased for burying the body.

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