Act well, you can marry your granddaughter

Act well, you can marry your granddaughter

Laila Hasan and actor Syed Hasan Imam have an unwritten agreement between the couple, if one gets angry the other will keep quiet. Because, husband and wife suddenly get angry at each other. This agreement is still in force after 56 years of marriage. Today is the 26th of July, the birthday of the talented actor Syed Hasan Imam. On this special day, his 10 unknown facts were highlighted.

Top 10 of the school
The actor studied at Burdwan Town School. This school authorities still remember him. The school celebrated its 75th anniversary a few years ago. Then he made a video remembering the 10 best successful students. There were many heavyweights including the Union Minister of India. Among them was Hasan Imam. The actor was present in 40 percent of the entire video.

Politics from the third class
As a child, Hasan Imam won a prize in a school competition. The award will be distributed by District Magistrate Bell. Before the award was announced, a tenth grader whispered in his ear, “Listen, I’m the first to run. My name will be called first. Then I will stand up and say, I will not take the prize from the English. Then you will go out with me. ‘Hasan Imam was then a third class student. That is when his politics started. He joined the leftist student organization ‘Kishore Sangha’.

Ponytail fruit
Hasan Imam was the election candidate in the college. He was also ahead in the campaign. Suddenly a small accident happened. There were 116 girls in their class. Suddenly one day a boy cut a girl’s hair from behind. In protest, the girls formed an alliance and decided not to vote for any boy candidate. Hasan Imam later explained to the girls that it was not his fault. The girls of Seba, after pouring a lot of water, agreed to vote for him.

Her first role as a heroine
While studying in college, the students of Congress were more advanced in cultural activities. The leader of the left was Tusharkanti Lal. He told Hasan Imam to arrange a play this time. We also have to stay ahead. Friends became the recipients of the play together. She first played the lead role in that play. Later, he became a regular in acting from 1970.

Pseudonym Saleh Ahmed
After March 25, he moved to Mujibnagar. He joined the war of liberation and joined Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. At that time he was reading Bangla Khabar under the pseudonym Saleh Ahmed.

Dwijen Mukherjee is surprised
Hasan Imam was the first in Rabindra Sangeet at the 1952 All India Youth Championship. Renowned Rabindra Sangeet artist Dwijen Mukherjee was surprised to hear his songs. He offered Hasan Imam to teach music for free at that time.

Laila Hasan was not seen that day
In 1971, on the birth centenary of Rabindra, various events were organized at Bulbul Fine Arts Academy. Hasan Imam acted in three plays there. On the other hand, Laila Hasan performed the dance. On the same day, Laila Hasan saw Hasan Imam for the first time. But Laila Hasan was so childish then that Hasan Imam’s eyes did not go to her. They got married on June 30, 1985.

The marriage was broken due to acting
At that time Hasan Imam was working in National Bank of Pakistan. Government employees were paid in this branch. A gentleman who came here to collect his salary knew Hasan Imam because of his performance on stage. Hasan used to praise Imam and tell him why you don’t act in movies. They had a good acquaintance. Later, he got married to the same man’s daughter. Then Hasan saw Imam and he did not agree to the marriage. Said, don’t marry the girl who plays the boy.

This performance made the marriage happen again
Hearing that the pot was being played, Hasan Imam’s father-in-law came forward a little curious. Hassan said to Imam, ‘I can marry your granddaughter, I will see how you act.’ He went to the cinema with his father-in-law. After watching the movie, he said, act well, marriage can be given.

Good boy
Most of the time he was a good boy to the girls. Many a time he would like one or two girls, but he would go two feet forward and 10 feet back. Hassan Imam said in an interview, ‘I am a good boy, how can I propose. No matter what they say, no more offers. ‘

Producers-directors are now making dramas for television as well as television. The patron organization of the song also joined the procession to make the play. One of the main goals of these platforms is to increase views, to go viral. And because of this mentality, drama is slowly falling into the hands of irresponsible, immoral, insensitive, tasteless and incompetent.
Shahiduzzaman, president of the Association of Performing Artists, expressed some annoyance, saying that the preview committee used to watch the drama before it was aired on television. The dramas are now televised in Namkawaste, then moved to YouTube or other platforms. So in the case of these dramas, television has no responsibility. There is no one to watch on YouTube or other platforms. The biggest censorship here is the director and the playwright. Now the director does not know how much can be said, how much cannot be said. One builder is called, Captain of the Ship. Now the director has to understand his job properly. ‘

Selim also said that the way to remedy this is that if television makes dramas, then it has to have a strong and effective programming department and a preview committee. The content that is being created on YouTube has to come out of the unhealthy competition of cheap popularity and virality of that content. We have to think for ourselves, we have to be aware, we have to feel responsible

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